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A New Opinion about Ralph Lauren Perfume

The perfume gets is designer name from American born Fashion Designer and Business Executive, Ralph Lauren. The brand Ralph Lauren do a variety of products, from perfumes and after shaves, socks, shirts and also handbags.

Ralph Lauren design perfumes and aftershaves for both women and men. Different aftershaves available include Purple Label, Double Black, Polo Black, Romance, Romance Silver, Polo Blue, Polo and finally Safari. Perfumes available for women include Pure Turquoise, RALPH by Ralph Lauren, Romance and Ralph Lauren Blue. However, there are other perfumes and aftershaves available.

I am going to write my review about RALPH by Ralph Lauren Perfume . I first smelt this perfume when I received it as a birthday gift from my Uncle. I remember thinking it smelt fantastic, with a lovely fresh, youthful and fruity scent and quite different from other perfumes. I find many perfumes these days are very similar to each other which is quite boring!

Now, I always buy this and usually wear this perfume for work or casually during the day. I don’t think it is suitable for an evening perfume as the scent isn’t strong enough and not as long lasting which I find better with an evening perfume. I find if I spray on a generous amount of perfume in the morning, it will last until the end of the working day, however, it does become faint by then. However, by lunch time I do tend to have a sneaky spray so that it lasts throughout the day!

The perfume was launched in 2001 and has been extremely popular with females of all ages. The fragrance has been classified as a flowery fragrance. The scent includes fresh florals and fruit. I don’t find the perfume very florally as some perfumes. I think the perfume is really nice and sweet with a definite fruit scent and has been recommended for daytime wear just as I use it. I like this perfume because of the fruity scent and the fact there isn’t a perfume similar.

The only downside I have with this perfume is that it could be longer lasting. Although it lasts until the end of the day, by then it is quite subtle and I usually spray more on myself by lunch time. Therefore, the perfume doesn’t last as long.

The perfume is stored in a lovely little glass bottle. The design is very simple and plain compared to many perfumes on the market. The perfume comes out via a pump spray. Once pushed down, a generous amount of perfume will spray out. The bottle comes in a plain, blue box which is nice and simple. The box gives a small detail on the fragrance and volume.

You can buy this perfume in two different volumes either 30ml or 50ml. Obviously, the 50ml bottle will cost more. The 30ml bottle is between £18.00 and £25.00 and the 50ml bottle is between £25.00 and £35.00.

You can buy this perfume from many perfume shops such as The Perfume Store, some department stores i.e. Debenhams (although you will have to check the store for this particular fragrance) and shops such as Superdrug.

I would definitely recommend this product for you to try. If you fancy something nice and fruity, this is ideal for you. This is also a nice perfume for a girls “first perfume” as it is quite youthful. The Discount Perfume is however ideal for women of all ages. As it is Christmas, I think this would be a perfect gift.

Summary: The ideal gift

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