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John Varvatos Perfume & Cologne

John Varvatos Perfume
John Varvatos is an American fashion designer especially for menswear. He was born in Michigan. In 1983, he joined Polo Ralph lauren and after moved to Calvin Klein group in 1990. Later in 1999, he started own first clothing company. He launched his first fragrance John Varvatos Cologne for men in 2004; it’s called John Varvatos Classic. In 2006, John Varvatos Vintage was launched it’s also a men’s fragrance, which have same base notes as the classic. Women fragrance of this brand is also very famous, his first women fragrance launched in 2008 named spring 2005.  A New ‘Green’ fragrance launched later of 2009 called Artisan. This scent possesses a blend with coriander seed templar, medjool date fruit, clary sage flowers; auramber tamarind tree leaves cinnamon bark, agarwood, sandalwood. It is fully accepted the behalf of refreshing and spicy floral. John Varvatos also launched Skin care products for men. You can use all these fragrance at any time.

Karl Lagerfeld Cologne – Best Fragrance Choice for Men

Karl Legerfeld PerfumeDear friend, if you are planning to purchase a cologne then I suggest you to buy Karl Lagerfeld Cologne. It is best and one of the most selling male fragrance. This fragrance is great creation of Mr. Karl Lagerfeld. Karl Otto Lagerfeld is German fashion designer, who was born in 10 September, 1933 in Hamburg. He has own fashion house named Fendi and creative director and head designer of Chanel Fashion House too. He is Introduced many fragrances like Lagerfeld cologne introduced in 1978, K L cologne in 1986, photo cologne in 1990 and Jako cologne in 1997. And in women’s perfumes series K L women perfume in 1982 and Sun Moon Stars Perfume in 2000.

Day or Night any time you can wear this fragrance. Some of wonderful notes are Yuzu, Cinnamon, Cedar, Lavender, Amber, Vetiver, Musk and White Woods used in it.

Best Women Perfumes of Vera Wang

Vera Wang Perfume

Designer Vera Wang was born in New York in 27 June 1949. She is basically from china because her parents were born there. She is not only a famous fashion designer but a branded fragrance collection underneath her name also. She is well known for her wedding gown collections. In 2002 she has launched first perfume called Vera Wang Perfume. That is the most successful fragrance of Vera Wang and also wins the “Fragrance Star of the Year” award. This fragrance contains notes of Gardenia, Bergamot, Lotus and Rose Lily-of-the Valley, Sandalwood, Lily, Mandarin Orange and Jasmine etc. Second most successful fragrance of this brand is Vera Wang Princess Perfume, introduced in 2006. Its smell is very charming, soft and feminine.  Princess fragrance’s features base notes are Guava, Dark Chocolate, Apple, Apricot, Mandarin Orange and Water Lily. Last but not least, newest Vera Wang perfume launched in 2009, named Rock Princess. Truly Pink Women, Vera Wang Sheer Veil Women, Vera Wang LOOK Women and Vera Wang Men, these are some marvelous fragrances by Vera Wang.

Romantic Perfume for Charming Response

PerfumeEveryone loves the attractive aroma of flowers. People are using many types of aroma daily as like scents, perfume, talcum powder, fragrant soap and oil from earliest times. Because you people might want to be more attractive to someone special. By wearing a wonderful fragrance it will really make you more unique. The aroma of Perfume depends on its individual ingredients and give exclusive reaction when it’s floral interact with your body. Perfume possesses a bland of orange, Blood Grapefruit, Apple, Plum, Indian Mandarin, Rose, Lily, Lily-of-the-Valley, Amber, Mimosa, Magnolia, Amber, Bergamot Orchid, Freesia, Ruby Red Grapefruit, fuchsia Peony, Geranium, Vanilla, Tonka bean, Creamy and many more.

Now these fragrance items can be easily obtained from Online Perfume Stores with affordable prices. Some of the outstanding fragrances are Carolina Herrera, Cacharel, Chloe, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, J del Pozo Perfume, Jessica McClintock Perfume, Dolce & Gabbana, Grivency, Gucci, Lacoste, Lomani, Oscar De La Renta, Bvlgari, Bill Blass, Nino Cerruti and many more that will create romantic atmosphere around you. So wear divine perfume for someone special because a lovely fragrance gives you positive and charming response.

Jil Sander Perfume and Cologne

Jil Sander Perfume German fashion queen Jil sander was born in Wesselburen, Germany on November 27, 1943. She started her carrier in fashion industries as fashion journalist at Los Angeles. In 1969 she became fashion designer and open own boutique especially for women. Her first fragrance launched in 1978 named jil Sander women. This fragrance became very famous and spread widely. After it, in 1981 she launched men’s cologne called Jil Sander Man Pure (discontinued). It also became more popular as before.

Jil Sander Perfume always in demand basis of its miraculous fragrance, Its men’s fragrance have blends of  vetiver Juniper Berry, Sandalwood, Mandarin, White Musk, Elemi, Bamboo, Mahogany, Vanilla Cardamom, Lemon Peel, Papyrus, Sandalwood, Pepper, Cedar Needles, Cedarwood, Hinoki, Ginger. And women fragrance contains harmonious combinations of sensual, crisp, refreshing scent, fruits, flowers, aromatic woods blend, violet, sage, lavender, myrrh, blue cedar, artemisia, leather in this charming scent. JIL SANDER STYLE, JIL SANDER SPORT, JIL SANDER PURE, JIL SANDER BACKGROUND, JIL SANDER #3 and JIL SANDER #4 these are the most desirable fragrance of this brand.